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Our Philosophy


The intention of Marina House is to provide the highest quality living for women in early recovery. We provide an atmosphere that focuses on the whole, healthy, and integrated individual. We join in support with our residents’ families and clinical professionals to promote sustained sobriety and successful lives.

Through support and structure, our residents discover their unique design for living. Our vision is to provide an environment where women can learn to live sober and heal in their own recovery.

We believe that building a foundation of honesty, integrity and accountability is fundamental in early sobriety.

Our residents are assisted in developing the groundwork that ultimately leads to living lives that are joyful, productive and fulfilling.


What Is Sober Living?

Also referred to as transitional living, sober living is an environment centered around achieving and maintaining sobriety.

At Marina House, we specifically strive to create a healthy, loving and nurturing environment that residents can implement into their own lives and family systems. We are a community of women living together, sharing the goal of staying sober.